The spa complex in our country hotel is a great place for relaxation.
Here you can immerse yourself into the atmosphere of joy and comfort, forgetting for a while about the problems of the big city.

Sauna "Euphoria" and the rituals of bathing

After a hard working week one wants to relax and regain strength. The perfect place to do this will be our country hotel with the sauna "Euphoria" and a pool.


If you've been overwhelmed by the monotony of everyday life, have no chance to relax at home even for a minute, while there's also no time to go on vacation somewhere far, a great opportunity to regain strength and get a real pleasure will be to organize a weekend in a country hotel with a pool in the suburbs of Moscow.

Lounge room

A comfortable lounge room designed in Oriental style is available for visitors of the Pushkino Art Hotel sauna.