Marina and Elena

Was with a friend in August in this hotel. Great place, friendly and helpful staff, beautiful, picturesque place, fed decently, portions are large and tasty (thanks to the chef). In the evening we visited the sauna, loved the massage and the atmosphere in the sauna, plenty of space, large and warm pool. Also this evening was karaoke, we did not pass by, sang from the heart. In General, everything was fine, mentally rested, impressions are very good. Be sure to come to you with friends and celebrate some holiday with you.



The Art hotel decided to spend a mini vacation. Liked it very much. The territory is small, but cozy. At the entrance is a beautiful and friendly parrot, there is a small zoo (rabbits are very funny and cute). We visited the pool, sauna, сycling. Prices are adequate. Prepare tasty and quickly. The staff is attentive, helpful and friendly. Thank you for your work. Be sure to come to you again and advise the hotel to friends.



A perfect place to go with your friends or family if you have a kid. It has something to offer to everyone, including a suitable room where you can forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The place boasts a little of woods surrounding a beautiful patio. The air is deliciously clean hear. Staff are really nice and loyal and do their job well. The food's quite tasty. Besides, you can find pheasants, hares, and a peacock in the mini zoo. The playground is small but has everything your kid needs, including trampolines, slides, and a play area. You really enjoy staying here because the cozy rooms are clean and comfy. The beds are comfortable with high quality bedding. The SPA area with a swimming pool and more is stunning. We surely will recommend the hotel to our friends and family. I think we'll come back more than once for new impressions. We wish good health and grateful guests to the staff!



My boyfriend gave me the Romantic Holiday at this beautiful hotel not far from Moscow... When we came, the room was decorated with rose petals and candles, which was just incredibly warm. The room was big with a large soft bed, a comfortable couch, and a nice bathroom. It overlooked the patio with animals in cages and a large grill. Our dinner arrived a little later. It was delicious! We decided to go down to the restaurant for some dessert and coffee to live music. We had a really great time. After the restaurant closed, we went to play billiards. We checked the swimming pool in the morning. The water's really warm. After breakfast I found out a new surprise was waiting for me. It was a SPA ritual called Cleopatra's Secrets. It's really cool. Highly recommend. The staff's so hospitable and helpful. They smile a lot too. I was impressed to find such a wide range of services at a country hotel. THANKS TO ALL THE STAFF OF ART-HOTEL PUSHKINO!



We visited the Art Hotel during the spring holidays. I liked everything about it. The staff was very helpful, polite and friendly. The restaurant offers big servings of delicious food at reasonable prices. There was a whole lot of events so we didn't get bored. There's a really cute parrot named Kokosha at the reception desk. The hotel also offers a tiny zoo with sweet foxes, beautiful peacocks, and a lot of birds. Guests can use the parking and free Wi-Fi. The room price also includes visiting the swimming pool from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. It's really big but not too deep. It's really wonderful. Thank you! We'll definitely come again.



Our family was staying at the hotel from February 23 to February 25. The hotel is really well-situated and has beautiful, cozy grounds. They were offering all guests a free drink to celebrate the holiday. It's not a big deal but I liked it. The reception was very friendly and we didn't have to wait long. It was a standard room with everything you need. We really enjoyed live music and singing in the evening. The singer had a great voice. We actually had an opportunity to sign at a karaoke party later that night. The restaurant staff was working well, everything was served in time. There was nothing to complaint about. The food was tasty. The price of the room includes swimming at the pool, which we did the next morning. The water was fine and the pool big enough. Shortly speaking, we liked everything. We'll advise our friends to stay here and will come again. Thank you for the beautiful holidays.



We were looking for a wedding venue. It was love at first sight. The venue met our expectation. The guests as well as the newlyweds enjoyed every minute of the 6 hours of the ambience created by the staff. Special thanks to Olga, the manager, who planned the event very efficiently. THANK YOU!!!



Our wedding was on 22.09.17. To find a suitable venue turned out to be the greatest difficulty. We found the Art Hotel at this website and liked everything about it. It's just cool. Venue: the so-called veranda (actually a full-fledged restaurant with a veranda); we had 5 huge tables and a lot of room, the venue was very cozy and full of light so you can use whatever decor you like. It was warm but not too hot. Sound was perfect. The grounds are small but beautiful with a mini zoo and rabbits so the guests could take a refreshing walk but didn't get lost. There's a small photo area and a place where rituals can be performed in front of the veranda, which is very convenient. Food/service: we and our guests loved the food. The snacks and meat were delicious. The waiters were friendly and wore a neat uniform. Special thanks: Administrator/Event Planner Olga. I thanked her in person but just have to write this. Thank you so much, Olga! Personality matters! Olga is very friendly, accurate and reliable. She did everything just the right way and on time. We met a couple of times and saw Olga working on other weddings as well so we knew it was going to be alright. It surely was. Thank you once again!



Great place. Everything's fine. Loved the sauna and the helpful staff.


Anna and Gennady

Hello. We held our wedding at the Art Hotel on 18.08.2017. We rented the veranda. it's a beautiful venue, cozy yet spacious. It was a bit stuffy to tell the truth but otherwise it was great. We'd like to thank the Event Planner Olga, the Host Aleksey, and the Decorator Anna. They made the day unforgettable not just for us but for the guests. The food was delicious and far from scarce. We slept well in the comfortable rooms. They collected all the food, decor and flowers after the ceremony so nothing was lost. Thank you so much!
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